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Two leaders with the Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership are featured in this month’s GCDD (Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities) magazine “Making A Difference”.

Click on the Making A Difference box below to link to the magazine from the GCDD website

Anne Ladd, who serves as the Family Engagement Specialist for the Georgia Department of Education Division for Special Education Services and Supports, and is the DOE’s link to the parent mentors, wrote a story describing the work of the Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership

To read Anne Ladd’s story, scroll down to page 24.

Editor’s Hint:   This is a great one-pager to help introduce the GaPMP to community leaders

April Lee serves as Wayne County’s Parent Mentor.  Her story, details the activities and programs of  the Wayne County C.A.F.E. (Circles of Adults Focused on Education) and reflects on the  importance of family engagement and community support in creating successful post secondary outcomes for students with disabilities.

To read April Lee’s story, scroll down to page 25.

To learn more about the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities and to receive  “Making A Difference,”  and other publications, go to the link below