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IEP Tips for Educators

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An uncomfortable glance, a moment of awkward silence or, perhaps, even an escalating voice from one of your participants can be show stoppers in an IEP meeting ….. feelings of mistrust, misunderstanding or simply missed opportunities can replay in everyone’s memory banks long after an I.E.P meeting ends.  Here are some resources and tips from the experts to help you avoid or turn around a “show stopper” situation.

Parent Mentors share a few of their favorite resources

Check in with your district parent mentor. They have lots of resources to share.

Embed family engagement practices in your meeting planning   View this article from

Make families feel welcome View this page from the Harvard School of Education

Two Way Communication for IEP meetings View this document from the Georgia Dept. of Education

Respecting the family’s culture and values View this article from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

Assist families in understanding their Parent Rights  View the resources on this page from the Georgia Dept. of Education

Follow up after the meeting to encourage the family’s partnership in their child’s education  View this blog from the website The Intentional IEP

Still struggling?  Learn about Facilitated IEPs