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Learning Curve

The Toolshed

My favorite DOE page

Those of you who are working on ASPIRE, SDLMI (self determination learning model of instruction) or Transition need the tools on this GaDOE page


Scroll down to download a super easy Acronym list from Michal Jones in Walker County

Oldies but goodies

Georgia’s Nutshell video links

Georgia’s Self Care video on “Wheel of Life” 

Training families about their role in IEPs?

Scroll down to find  a great pre post training survey you can use

Missy Sullivan offers tips for Google Hangouts

How to create a google hangout invitation using your calendar

Joining a Google Hangout

Presenting during a Google Hangout

Presenting during a Google Hangout Classic View

Ideas for Evidence to Practice Training Activities and Data Collection

Scroll down to documents and find “Web Based Resources”

This is where mentors can find:

  • powerpoints
  • documents
  • tips
  • best practices
  • list serve answers to frequently asked questions
  • GaPMP Cheat Sheet *Note these are now divided into regions and are called “yearbooks”

Just added

  •  Shared materials from Debbie Currere with ASPIRE . These materials are for doing a workshop on helping parents talk to their child about their disability
  1.  Deeming Waiver Manual
  2. Katie Beckett Overview
  3. EPSDT information
  4. Constructing A Good Life with NOW and COMP Waiver book
  5. Medicaid Waiver Programs Chart
  6. Active Listening Power Point from 2014 University
  7. Avoiding Burnout and Making Action Plans