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Making Kickoff Count

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With a full agenda, and the goal of carving out some time to do good planning, parent mentors and special education directors often find that having a little pre-conference meeting can help make the most out of all the resources and opportunities available at the Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership Kickoff Conference.

Here are some words of wisdom for mentors from members of the GaPMP Leadership Council.

From Barrow County Schools Parent Mentor Cynthia White, the 2014 Leadership Council Chairperson:

Choose workshops with your director based on:

  • What will enhance your ability to work your plan or other job responsibilities this year.
  • Whether your director wants to attend the same workshops to strengthen the information you receive or split up and attend different workshops to diversify the information you receive.
  • What changes or plans you might make to your current plan or build into plan or job responsibilities next year.


From Fayette County Schools Parent Mentor Allison Stevenson, the 2014 Leadership Council Vice Chair:


  • Pick sessions that will help you in your day to day operations, in your plan. indicator, and in your life with your child.
  • Try to branch out from your region at some of the large group events – getting ideas/perspective of another region can be good.
  • Take part in the unstructured social time
  • Take just a few notes and don’t try to remember everything or be an expert in the subject when you leave.
  • Try to leave the conference with one good technique or idea that you can implement when you get back.