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One of the main goals that parents mentors team up with parents, schools and communities is to work to improve graduation rates for students with disabilities. C.A.F.E.s are one of the ways that team approach evolves, read more:

Dropout Prevention — C.A.F.E. Circles of Adults Focused on Education GaDOE initiates C.A.F.E. DIALOGUE Pilots for Dropout Prevention Georgia’s State Personnel Development Grant, (SPDG) aimed at reducing dropout, focused on dropout prevention through C.A.F.E. DIALOGUEs in three high schools as part of its work with the National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities at Clemson University. A document produced through federal research and published by the National Dropout Prevention Center Network in 2008 is the basis of the shared work in the C.A.F.E. DIALOGUE pilots. Statewide SPDG stakeholder members worked with the IDEA Partnership, also a SPDG partner, to understand the Dialogue process and then to develop reaction and application questions that reflect what is important for persons in the field and families. Meriwether, Bibb and Elbert County School Systems are leading the pilots as part of their SPDG team work. To learn more about the work of the SPDG and what is happening with C.A.F.E. teams go to the GraduateFirst website


The links below offer several parent mentor recommended resources for community leaders: