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Learning Curve

Our Work with Communities

Parent mentors, in collaboration with teachers and administrators, work to build community partnerships that focus on issues effecting students with disabilities and their families.  In some communities, mentors have developed strategies that remove barriers and support inclusion of students with disabilities in the community.  In these efforts, parent mentors have identified and implemented strategies designed to improve vocational training and job opportunities as well as after school care and recreational options for students. As a result of these activities, students and their families have more opportunities for participation and inclusion in their home communities.

In some districts, parent mentors work with private and public organizations in the community to improve graduation rates of students with disabilities through implementing programs designed to keep students in school and working toward a general education diploma. Through Georgia’s Graduate First project, several parent mentors have led C.A.F.E.s, Circles of Adults Focusing on Education, to engage a circle of critical stakeholders including parents, special education and general education administrators, and community members in small group problem solving sessions to share views and common concerns and find solutions to improving graduation rates of students with disabilities