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Learning at Home

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Tips and Resources from an Expert

Jennifer Anderson has been serving families of the Georgia Cyber Academy as their parent mentor for about 8 years now.

She may be one of the only parent mentors in the state whose work will not be as greatly impacted by the school closures prompted by the state’s efforts to stem exposure to, and spread of COVID-19.

All of Jennifer’s families receive training from her online. She offered some of her tools to assist parent mentors in traditional school settings who are working to assist families with adapting to the challenges of potentially being responsible for learning at home assignments during the next few weeks.

“One of the benefits of working with your child at home is parents are going to see what the teachers are talking about when it comes to things their child is struggling with academically. Parents may be able to add some insight,” she said.

Scroll down for some fun learning resources and tools recommended by Jennifer and parent mentors.