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I am pleased to welcome you to the newly updated Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership website. In our collective efforts to create initiatives in school systems leading to greater achievement for students, especially those with disabilities, we understand that good, clear communication is an important part of that goal.

We strive to offer information and resources that will be timely, easy to access, and reliable, like the assistance and advice parent mentors offer in their local schools every day.  We understand the importance of building bridges through the sharing of information and resources about educational and socially relevant topics that pave a path to better student achievement for Georgia’s students with disabilities.

Much of the information on the site has been divided into categories for families, schools and communities so that users can hone in on the information they are looking for more easily. One of the most prominent features is the Find a Mentor section allowing users to easily discover information about the parent mentor in their school system and also access information on starting a new program.  Many of the resources and stories come from the 100 plus parent mentors around the state, who offer their knowledge of services and experience in the field. We also share links that we like and organizations that we ourselves go to for assistance.

Please take time to explore and enjoy our new website!

– Anne Ladd is the Family Engagement Specialist for the Georgia Department of Education, Division of Special Education who leads the Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership