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Learning Curve



FY22 Final Alternative Report Form (due April 15, 2022)

Alternative Checklist

FY22 Final Traditional Report Form (due April 15, 2022)


Reporting Webinars

A Walk Through The Woods Final Reporting Walkthrough (May 2022)

GaPMP Family Engagement Framework Webinar

Details for Replication

Data Expectations

Learning Targets

Pre and Post Family Survey (pre surveys  due Jan. 15)

Quarterly Contact Reporting  (due Oct. 15, Jan. 15, April 15, and May 30 (or before you leave school)

When you submit your reports you will get a confirmation that it was received and also be able to view what you submitted. 

Need help with your report?    April Lee

  If you are targeting some of the same families you did last year and they completed a Post Survey last year that will count as your Pre Survey for this year.  You do not have to go in and enter the Pre survey for that/those families but you will need to list the families by their identifying mark on the 1st quarter reporting  Just mark the families’ surveys the same so that they are easy to find and match up.


Don’t Forget Quarterly Contacts

Online links and resources are available on the Learning Curve under the Quarterly Contacts Reporting tab.

Fourth Quarter Reporting Webinar  FY20 year end. (Please note: This is a one time recording. There might be some dead air in the beginning due to a recording delay. Please continue listening.  When you click this link it will take you to a registration page. Just type in the info requested and it will bring you to the webinar.) Happy Reporting!