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Due April 15 2024

Please make sure you complete all the reporting questions! 

This seems obvious right? 


On some operating systems we have noticed a glitch which takes you to a pop up window before completing the report. If you see a pop up window saying “Thank You” you can click the back arrow to make sure you have no questions left on the report. 

If the glitch is not affecting your report, then you will just find yourself going through the questions until you hit the final, green submit button. 

FY24 Final Traditional Family Engagement Report

FY24 Final Rookie Mentor Report

Scroll down to find the download of the Reporting Help Guide

New Mentor Checklist Updated for FY24

Quarterly Contact Reporting  (due Oct. 15, Jan. 15, April 15, and May 30 (or before you leave school)

Post Surveys are due April 15 2024

Pre and Post Family Survey (pre surveys are due by Jan. 15 and post surveys are due April 15) PLEASE NOTE, these are updated forms. Please use the new survey!

If you have other technical difficulties reach out to 

Need a little inspiration? Check out these quick reporting microworkshops

Need help with your report?    April Lee

Don’t Forget Quarterly Contacts

Online links and resources are available on the Learning Curve under the Quarterly Contacts Reporting tab.

Logic Model

Keep the following 6 key goals in mind as you do your reports throughout the year

Use these recorded webinars to help you with your reporting!

Details for Replication and Sharing Success

Preplanning for Data Collecting

Learning Targets

Data Expectations

Details Required for Success and Replication