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Leadership Council

Graphic poster for GaPMP Kickoff

The Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership Leadership Council membership is made up of seasoned mentors who understand the mission and vision of the GaPMP and wish to help strengthen and improve this initiative.

2021-2022 GaPMP Leadership Council

REGION REPS *2 Year Term
Northeast: Region Rep. – Becky Tracy / Asst. Rep. – (VACANT)
Southeast: Region Rep. – (VACANT)) / Asst. Rep. – (VACANT)
Northwest: Region Rep. – Brandi Waters / Asst. Rep. – (VACANT)
Middle: Region Rep. – Lori McSwain / Asst. Rep. – Jennifer Paul Brown
Southwest: Region Rep. – (VACANT) / Asst. Rep. – Shirley Daniels
Metro: Region Rep. – Vernita Harris / Asst. Rep. – (VACANT)

Chair: Karen Tharpe Past Chair: Missy Sullivan
Chair Elect: (VACANT) Recorder: Sirena Graves

Sunshine Co-Chair’s: Lori Bonds/Amy Ambrose
Phil Pickens Chair: Missy Sullivan
Media Team Chair: Jane Grillo/Jennifer Brown
Education Chair: Jennifer Anderson

Want to know about What a Region Rep Does?