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Kickoff 2015 Conference Tools

The Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership’s 105 active Parent Mentors are all committed to assisting administration, staff and stakeholders in their districts to focus on family engagement and improving graduation rates for students with disabilities.

Our goals are to:

Inform – about the research and results in districts who have a planned initiative focused on family engagement

Imagine – the possibilities for students

Inspire – others to work on improving family engagement strategies in school and out in the community

Scroll down to find a links page about the Kickoff 2015 experts who will inform you, spark your imagination and inspire you!

Here are some of the tools and trainings that Parent Mentors will be utilizing during the conference and throughout this 2015-16 school year:

****Scroll Down to Find FY 16 Toolkit materials:

  • Toolkit Contents Title Page
  • E2P Graduation
  • E2P Post Secondary 
  • E2P Partnerships  
  • Pre-Post Surveys  
  • End of Year survey
  • FY16 Accountability Form  

Link to the Ga. Dept. of Education SSIP  Student Success Improvement Plan webpage

The following Conference presentations and handouts are available. Scroll down to find:

ASPIRE Power point and Map

Keys to Helping Your Teen Get a First Job

Effective Practice for Family Engagement

Family Connections Partnership Presentation and information

Ruth Ryder, Deputy Director of OSEP