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Learning Curve

IEPs and Evaluations

Not all parent mentors attend IEP meetings with the families they serve. But we all have attended them for our own children and, we need to have access to materials and training tools relating to IEPs. Here are a few:

Scroll down for the following downloads:

  • IEP Checklist
  • IEP updated checklist
  • IEP 504 Comparison
  • Planning for an effective meeting
  • Questions to Ask about Evaluations
  • Questions to Ask about Eligibility Determinations
  • Records Parents Need
  • Evaluations and Re-evals
  • Special Education Parents Rights Condensed
  • Special Education Acronyms
  • ASPIRE (Self Led IEPs) Family Tool Kit
  • Power Point “A Parent’s Guide to IEPs from 2013 Kickoff