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Learning Curve

Learning Curve

Spring Sendoff Meeting

Click on the link above to hear the recorded meeting featuring Georgia Fruechtenicht Talking about SELF CARE

Trainings and Events

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Parent Mentors in Action

Tell us about your work. This does not have to be about something in your report or involving a family in your target group. You can tell us about a family you helped, a community partnership, a staff or school person you worked with, a family who gave you feedback, or an “AH HA” moment you experienced. The information you provide here will be edited for the purposes of sharing our parent mentor work on the Parent Mentors in Action section of the GaPMP website Click the button below to share your story.

More reporting webinars can be found on the FE Framework Toolkit page

Professional Learning Opportunities

If you have any questions about the information listed in the Learning Curve or need assistance locating a document, please click to contact Jane Grillo.