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FE Framework Toolkit

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Evidence-based GaPMP Family Engagement Framework

The Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership (GaPMP) has effectively implemented family and community engagement practices for 18 years. In order to capture the data and record anecdotal impact of the work of the partnership a framework of strategies, tools, and resources was created.

In 2014 a team of parent mentors, including representation from all six GaPMP regions, dove into evidence-based publications of family engagement to identify essential components of engagement that yield high impact results.

This team’s work resulted in the development of research statements that highlight the skills, knowledge, partnerships, actions, and ongoing practices vital for families and their children (students with disabilities) as they work toward reaching graduation, post-secondary, and partnership related goals.

The GaPMP Family Engagement framework outline includes well documented and studied components such as: student success objectives, SMART goals, vital behaviors (Influencer), benchmark timeline, tools for recording actions, and research statements to guide support.

Each framework component encourages growth from promising practices (demonstrating limited success) to evidence-based practices (recorded success with a systemic review process to evaluate evidence).