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Parent Mentors are frequently called by other parents who are looking for information, services, and resources about the unique needs of their children with disabilities.

New Videos for Parents of Children with Significant Cognitive Disabilities on Supporting Learning at Home

National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) and TIES Center are jointly developing a series of videos for parents on various aspects of supporting the learning of children with significant cognitive disabilities at home.

The first four videos are now published.
Helping Your Child with Routines at Home
Helping Your Child with the Foundations of Communication at Home
Helping Your Child with Communication at Home
Helping Your Child with Academics
In addition to parents, educators and other audiences will find the videos useful as they work with parents and families. Each video focuses on three key questions: Why is it important to focus on this with my child at home? How can I do this at home? What support can I ask for from my child’s school? These videos help families learn ways to support the learning of their children with significant cognitive disabilities at home and have conversations with teachers to link home- schools supports.

Additional videos will be added to the series over the next several months The future videos will be on supporting the learning of reading, writing, and math at home, as well as one on monitoring progress.

Helpful Links for Parents

Georgia Department of Education Resources for Virtual Learning

Georgia Department of Education Implementation Manual

Disability-Related Links

  • Speech Pathology Masters Programs has a new guide on their website: “When to Take Your Child to the SLP.
  • GKIDS Readiness Check is a new website which will help parents make sure children are prepared socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically to enter kindergarten. The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) has partnered with the Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) in an effort to help both schools and families with the transition to kindergarten.
  • Parent to Parent of Georgia  Parent to Parent of Georgia offers a variety of services to Georgia families impacted by disabilities or special healthcare needs.



Helpful links for parents of children in Pre-K programs or for children transitioning into kindergarten:

K-5th Grade Resources

Parent mentors often help parents of students in the K-8 grades find resources and support relating to testing, IEPs and helping their children begin to learn self-advocacy skills. Here are some trusted websites that parent mentors often recommend.

Middle School Resources

The following resources are parent mentor choices:

High School Resources

These are some of the resources that parent mentors go to for concerns relating to students in high school and for those who are working on post-secondary planning: